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Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays me?

You will be paid directly by the companies and businesses you mystery shop for. They make payment through automatic bank deposits, posted cheques and some offer Pay Pal.

Do I have to pay a percentage of my pay cheque to Mystery Shopper Employment Agency?

Absolutely Not! You don’t pay us a single penny from the money you make as a Mystery Shopper. There are NO commissions to pay, all the hard earned money is yours to spend or do with as you wish.

Is there a limit to the number of jobs I can take on?

There is no such limit, you can take on as many shopping job assignments as you can comfortably handle. Our Shopper Employment Program database has over 200 of the top industry contacts with their contact info, web sites allowing you to sign up for as many job assignments as you want.

Can my children come along with me on my shopping assignments?

Yes you can take your kids with you on your shopping assignments. That’s one of the benefits of mystery shopping as opposed to many of the other traditional jobs where you have to get a baby sitter or worse, pay for one.

How soon can I expect to start mystery shopping?

You can expect to be working within a few days to a week. Once you apply to the companies of your choice from our over 200 companies in our Shopper Employment Program database, you will be emailed all the fully detailed job assignments available to you. At this point you pick and choose the ones you want and you are off to the races.

Can I refuse certain shopping assignments without having to give a reason?

Absolutely, you don’t have to give a reason as to why you don’t want a particular job assignment and you will never be asked. You will never be forced or asked to take on an assignment against your preferences. Remember, you get to pick the ones you want and leave the rest for someone else.

Everyone’s shopping assignment preferences will be different, for example you may choose shopping at a department store over spending several hours at a golf course, so leave the golf course shop assignment to someone else who enjoys golf and vice versa.

What is the age limit?

If you are 18 years of age or older, you can be a mystery shopper. You are never too old to be a mystery shopper, in fact retirees and seniors are enjoying the benefits of mystery shopping. They love the fact that it can be part time or on an occasional basis. It gets them out of their homes, it gives them something to do.

How quickly will I receive access to the SEP members only area?

You will have access to the complete value-packed Shopper Employment Program (SEP) in the member’s only area immediately following your registration, literally within minutes.