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Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about mystery shopping and how to take your first baby steps to a fun, flexible and rewarding job. Are you ready to enjoy the perks of free merchandise, free meals, free services and get paid for it?

What Is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a term used to describe a key tool that businesses around the world use to insure customer service standards are high within their places of business. Mystery shopping is sometimes referred to as secret shopping, virtual customers, performance auditing and spotters. It’s a 1.5 billion dollar industry and that number continues to grow.

Right here in the UK, there is a shortage of mystery shoppers and companies are willing to pay you hundreds of pounds for you to shop and dine at their establishments. Mystery shopping has become a staple in many industries. It is heavily used in retail, restaurant, online marketplaces, fitness centers, doctor’s offices, apartment complexes and many other industries.

You may be asking yourself, why on Earth would a company want to pay me to go shop at their store?

Simply because businesses need to insure their customer service standards are high so that their customer base and sales continually grows. It’s a way to insure their employees and managers are performing at their optimum level, following company policies and guidelines, to insure customer service is excellent and to continually improve their level of customer care.

Business owners pay a substantial amount of money to mystery shoppers to plan anonymous visits posing as regular customers to their stores. They interact with the employees of the location, make a purchase, and evaluate their experience. The company receives a report, written by the mystery shopper that details their experience. They use this as feedback to make changes, to reward or further train employees and to help them make better, consumer focused decisions in their business.

What they want from you is your input and opinions of the overall shopping experience you had in their store and what you thought of their products and services. Basically they want you to rate their customer service and give your honest feedback of what you liked and disliked about your shopping experience at their location. Your feedback is very important to these businesses because the better they can tailor a positive experience to fit the customer’s needs and expectations, the more profitable their organizations will be.

What Mystery Shopping Can Do For You

Whether you are:

  • looking to replace your current job and income or
  • happy with your current job but would like a 2nd pay check to add some extra cash or,
  • simply looking to enjoy the perks of free merchandise, free services, free trips and have your dining out paid for

You can accomplish all of the above as a mystery shopper in whatever capacity that best suits you. You choose whether you want to be full or part time, you choose what assignments you want to take on and which ones you don’t want. You have total flexibility, go at your own pace, get paid well for your time for doing something you love to do, shop, dine and travel.

What You Can Expect As A Mystery Shopper

You may be asked to browse a particular store as if you were a real customer interested in a particular product in their store. The employees or managers of the store you are evaluating should never know that you are a mystery shopper, you want to go about your business of shopping like you were a real customer. You would anonymously evaluate the way you were approached by sales personnel, the way they handled the sale, whether they asked if you wanted the extended warranty, overall store appearance etc.

At the end of your visit, all you have to do is fill in a quick questionnaire and relate your shopping experience in their store. Send in your report and get paid. It’s that simple.

The kind of questions companies ask:

  • Were you greeted by sale personnel?
  • Did you have to wait long for help?
  • Was the store kept clean
  • How well were you treated?
  • Was your overall experience a positive one?
  • Was the sales personnel informative or did they lack product knowledge?
  • Did you encounter any problems, if so what?
  • What else could we do to make your visit a pleasant one?